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President Ruto outlines Transformation agenda in his State of the Nation Address

President William Ruto unveilled his government’s ambitious plans to transform Kenya’s economy from the bottom up at his second State of the Nation Address in parliament.

In his speech, the Head of State highlighted key priorities, ranging from agriculture and affordable housing to education, healthcare, and digital innovation.

President Ruto emphasized the importance of inclusive development that places the interests and aspirations of all citizens, particularly those at the bottom of the economic pyramid, at the forefront. He pledged to tackle challenges such as runaway unemployment, inequality, and poverty, which have hindered the progress and dignity of Kenyans.

“We have made encouraging progress in a positive direction. This has not only vindicated our philosophy of inclusive transformation but also increased our confidence that we are on the right path and shall, in due course, deliver the transformation of our nation in full,” said President Ruto.

Agriculture, being a crucial sector for job creation and food security, will receive significant attention. President Ruto unveiled a farmer registration and fertilizer subsidy program that has already made 5.5 million bags available to farmers across Kenya. The program aims to address the high cost of living, enhance agricultural productivity, and reduce the country’s reliance on food imports.

President Ruto also highlighted efforts to improve other sectors, such as fisheries, dairy, coffee, and sugar. Notably, the government has established 22 new fish landing sites, funded the organization of beach management units into cooperatives, and initiated the construction of fish processing plants.

To stimulate economic growth and financial inclusion, President Ruto launched the Hustler Fund, a strategic financial inclusion initiative providing affordable credit and mobilizing savings for individuals and small businesses. The fund has disbursed KSh 36.6 billion to date, positively impacting over 7.5 million borrowers.

Digital innovation emerged as a significant driver of change in President Ruto’s address. The government has begun rolling out last-mile fiber-optic connectivity, which aims to bring reliable high-speed internet throughout the country. Additionally, efforts are being made to digitize public services fully and enhance efficiency, transparency, and accountability within the government.

Acknowledging the importance of security and stability, President Ruto assured the nation of the government’s commitment to protecting citizens and maintaining peace. He emphasized the need for a citizen-centered, inclusive, and community-based security strategy.

In closing, President Ruto called for national unity and collaboration, urging all Kenyans to prioritize the well-being of the nation. He emphasized the transformative power of issue-oriented politics and the importance of dialogue in driving forward the constitutional values and principles that underpin Kenya’s democracy.

The comprehensive State of the Nation address showcased President Ruto’s dedication to transforming Kenya’s economy from the bottom up. With a focus on citizen welfare, security, and digital innovation, the government aims to build a prosperous and inclusive Kenya for all its citizens.

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