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Questions by judges that left Raila Odinga’s lawyers panicking

The Judges of the Supreme Court of Kenya on Wednesday sent lawyers representing the Azimio One Kenya Coalition back to the drawing board after they asked some tough questions.

The judges had sought clarification into some of the issues that the petitioners raised in their case including the following;

1). “If this commission was so dysfunctional, that everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong , how do we effect your relief that we announce another winner ?” ~Philomena Mwilu.

2). “We saw your clients in public reading out results until the eleventh hour, what evidence do we have that this was an afterthought?” Justice Isaac Lenaola

3). “Form 34As are written in handwriting (different people’s handwriting), how can you explain then how a form can be changed?” Justice Njoki Ndung’u

4). “Can the hackers change the physical Forms 34A being delivered by road to Bomas?” Justice Smoking Wanjala

5). “IEBC chairperson should be a person qualified to hold the office of judge of the Supreme Court. If per chance we were to order removal of Chebukati,would the commission still be intact with the remaining 6 commissioners without a chair of those qualifications?” Justice Lenaola

6). “Is this chairperson that we are dealing with such a terror that nobody can face him?” Smoking Wanjala

7). “Why didn’t commissioners protest that they were being assigned duties that were not within their mandate?” Justice Smoking Wanjala

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