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Cynthia Kimathi: A Beacon of Cultural Preservation and Empowerment

Cynthia Kimathi is not just the reigning Mrs Heritage International Kenya 2023, she is a cultural ambassador, a pillar of her community, and a catalyst for change. Her story is one of dedication to her country’s rich heritage, passion for community empowerment, and a commitment to create a better future for Kenya.

Kimathi’s journey as Mrs Heritage International Kenya 2023 is one steeped in a deep appreciation for her roots. Her love for learning about her culture and heritage goes back to her childhood, when she spent time with her grandmother, absorbing stories and acquiring cultural skills. This passion has now grown into a mission to protect, preserve, and promote Kenya’s heritage. 

Her role as a cultural ambassador has taken her to different parts of Kenya, learning about various tribes and their cultural treasures. The warm embrace of these communities and their willingness to share their heritage has been a humbling experience for Kimathi. She is excitedly looking forward to the opportunity to share Kenya’s rich tapestry of cultures at the international stage in November, at the World Mrs Heritage Beauty Pageant in Thailand.

Beyond her cultural advocacy, Kimathi has also been instrumental in empowering women in her community. Her pet project, “Handcrafted with love from the heart for a cause”, through her brand Le’Kiondo, aims to equip women with skills and provide them with an alternative source of income. The project, based in Tharaka nithi and Kairebi village, Central Imenti, Meru County, empowers women to create elegant bags that not only improve their livelihoods but also promote Kenya’s heritage and culture globally.

The project is still in its early stages, but the impact is already palpable. The women involved use the income earned for their daily needs and their children’s school fees. The goal is to expand the project to a point where the women can work full-time, further improving their financial stability.

Kimathi’s work is a testament to her fortitude and dedication. As she prepares to represent Kenya on the global stage, she continues to work tirelessly to uplift her community and shine a light on Kenya’s vibrant heritage. 

To support her journey and her cause, a fundraising and flag-off dinner is scheduled where corporations, friends, well-wishers and advocates of heritage are invited. For more information, contact

Cynthia Kimathi is not just a beauty queen; she is a beacon of cultural preservation and empowerment, and a role model for all.

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