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Dr. Tony Devine advocates for Transforming Education in the Global South

Dr. Tony Devine
Dr. Tony Devine

Global Peace Foundation Vice President of Education Dr. Tony Devine has called for a paradigm shift in education in the Global South. Speaking at Daystar University in Kenya during a two day workshop dubbed “Transforming Education in the Global South towards the year 2050”, Dr. Devine who was the Chief Facilitator of the seminar workshop that brought together educators and key policy makers in education in Kenya emphasized the importance of returning to the values-driven origins of education, focusing on holistic development and character building rather than just knowledge acquisition.

Dr. Devine, quoted Neville Goddard who once said “Education is not accomplished by putting something into man; its purpose is to draw out of man the wisdom which is latent within him.” He highlighted the urgency to realign education with its core purpose of nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute to the betterment of society through responsibility, character, and moral and innovative leadership, accomplished by putting something into man; to draw out of man the wisdom which is latent within him.

Drawing attention to the close bond between families and educators, Dr. Devine stressed the role of families and schools in shaping the moral and innovative leaders of the future. He stated, “The family, along with educators, take up a large part of a young person’s time and learning experience until they finish their higher education. Their combined guidance lays the foundation for the values, good character, and a sense of purpose that will steer these young minds through life’s challenges.”

The vision of transforming education in the Global South towards 2050 has gained momentum, with participants passionately signing as launch partners and supporters of the campaign. Dr. Devine urged a shift away from emphasizing structures to focusing on transforming individuals with character, as they are the true heart of change and creators of good systems.

The formal launch of the campaign, “TRANSFORMING EDUCATION IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH: TOWARD 2050,” is set to take place during the 2023 Global Peace Convention in Manila, Philippines, from December 10th to 14th.

Dr. Tony Devine emphasized the crucial need to reevaluate the purpose of education in the Global South. Through a holistic development approach and strong partnership between families and educators, the aim is to nurture moral and innovative leaders who contribute to society with responsibility and character. Attendees expressed their enthusiastic support for the campaign, highlighting the imperative to transform education by focusing on the transformation of individuals rather than mere structural changes.

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