Bad Boys of the Media but a Darling to the World
Mr. Donald Trump

Bad Boys of the Media but a Darling to the World

There is a precedent of electing perceived clowns into office and in almost all the countries exercising various forms of democracy. This is a trend that has existed since the advent of democracy, and is seemingly gaining much foothold in contemporary times than ever before. From established democracies like the United States of America to struggling democracies in Africa, individuals perceived as the “bad boys” have often found themselves in office and with immense show of support from their people.

Political pundits have time and again asked themselves; how and why such leaders as Donald Trump of the US, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Rouhani of Iran, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, Former Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu, and Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi are easily embraced by the people. What they fail to understand is that the aforementioned leaders together with others of a similar DNA in character are portrayed to be evil by the ever biased media but know how to appeal to the very touching and sensitive needs of their people; their agenda easily connects with the people.

The world is in so much hunger of realistic solutions than hope. The world no longer derives fascination from great oratorical excellence and glittering speeches. As Hillary Clinton canvassed her message with hope inspired by great speeches of the Obamas, Donald Trump built his agenda around the very issues that identified with the people of America and in the most realistic way.

In Nairobi, Governor Mike Sonko went around offering short-term but pragmatic solutions to the issues of the people of Nairobi, while his opponents held several seminars and debates hawking messages of hope. The world today remains pragmatic and objective, and that explains the reason as to why anyone with such inclinations stands a greater chance of representing the people in whichever capacity.

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