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Universities’ Presidents Council at loggerheads with the Ministry of Education

The Universities’ Presidents Council of Kenya has come out strongly on the Ministry of Education uncertainty concerning the re-opening dates for learning institutions.

The council has accused the Ministry of Education of conducting closed door meetings, to determine the fate of students stuck at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic without offering them a seat, despite their influence and direct contact with the students.

Following a press release today at the United Kenya Club, the council blamed the sorry state of the education system in the country on varied stakeholders in the sector, arguing that the higher-ups have forgotten that schools play a key role in empowerment and making dreams come true.

” Has it been forgotten that in schools is where dreams and ambitions are realized? That skills developed while in the learning institution is what the country relies on for a competitive advantage in the global markets? How then can it be left behind while other sectors of the economy are opening up? How can the trees grow without nurturing the seeds? ,” said the council chairperson Albert Maloba.

The council further argued that the CS Prof Magoha and his team have been taking Kenyans on a wild goose chase on the re-opening dates of schools and tertiary learning institutions with widespread publicity stunts in the name of checking compliance of institutions to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 guidelines.

The council now demands for inclusivity in the rolling out of the online teaching for universities to ensure consistency across all universities, saying it is unfair for some students to be learning online while others lack the resources to access online learning tools and condemned this level of discrimination, claiming it beats the constitutional right of every learner to
have equal chance to education.

The council also asked for immediate disbursement of funds to the applicants of subsequent loans also adding Shs 5000 to top up loans
on those who stopped earning the loan as cushioning during this pandemic.

“In the same spirit of our Able National Assembly and Senate committee , we also urge the CS to device ways of how learning will start immediately in all levels rather than waiting until the curve of Covid-19 flattens,” added Mr. Maloba .

The council urged Cabinet Secretary Mr. Magoha to come out clearly and tell how students shall fit in the market due to organizations concerns with quality of online learning and graduations.

“Our esteemed Comrades we want to encourage you to make most of every opportunity to help you add value to yourself during this time and come out with very innovative and creative ideas. Aim to thrive and not just survive. It is more prudent to die on your feet than live on your knees. VIVA, ” added the council chairperson , Mr. Albert Maloba.

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  1. Andrew

    Applause Applause to You all who are representing us up there.We are fed up with our government already.Busy stealing from us,instead of helping out to come up with solutions to the already stand still of the education sector.Billions stolen that could have been channeled to education sector to facilitated continuity of education.Am at a breaking point right now,a devastated Kenyan Youth,with so much to accomplish to help my Country.But with whats happening,my key,empowerment which is education is not taken to consideration,and if considered not with emphasis.Tears of anger roll down,with all my innovations,skill,withering down.Are we your priorities,depression hits us,needs not met,Till When,Till When Jamani

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