“All Courses are Equal Before God”-Moi University President Albert Maloba
Moi University President Mr. Maloba Albert

“All Courses are Equal Before God”-Moi University President Albert Maloba

Moi University Students Organization President Mr. Albert Maloba who also doubles as the Chair of the University Presidents Council has come out strongly to condemn the Government’s decision to engage in selective funding of the University Courses.

While responding to the government’s plan to withdraw varsity funding, Mr. Maloba in the company of other Kenyan University leaders castigated plans by the state under the ministry of education to sanction selective funding of the university students. Mr. Maloba questioned the decision terming it discriminatory and unhealthy to our learning institutions.He further added that all courses are equal and that those students pursuing such courses are not lesser students.According to Maloba, students do not take part in designing curriculum and their choices are based on what the government provides in the KUCCPS portal.

“The government should expedite on new technological avenues to foster communication to youths on Job Opportunities.They should also partner with other registered organizations to enhance internship opportunities and programs to these students.” Said Maloba.

University Presidents Councils.

In a bid to stop the proposed defunding by the government, the University Presidents Council made the following resolutions:

To take to court Commission for University Education (CUE) for misleading stakeholders for the longest time possible. The Council will be demanding to know why the CUE was issuing courses that they would render useless at some point. Maloba averred that most graduates are already frustrated with joblessness and this will further endanger and escalate their frustrations leading into the future.

The union also added that priority should be placed on increasing budget to the universities as opposed to reducing the same.Put in another way, the universities should pay attention to the students interests and not their own selfish gains.Finally, according to them, in as much as the courses may be deemed irrelevant here, they may be relevant internationally since Universities don’t just train for our country

Maloba concluded by emphasizing that all the current courses being offered are relevant since they serve societal needs in one way or the other and scrapping some majors will only create more confusion in the learning sector.

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