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The Hon. David Maraga

Chief Justice David Maraga bows out

There was a smooth transition in the judiciary as the tenure of the Chief Justice David Maraga came to and end on January 12 2021 after being at the helm for the last four years.

Special proceedings were held at the Supreme Court that led to the Chief Justice handing over the instruments of power which included an original copy of the constitution and the institutional flag to the acting Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu.

In his farewell speech Maraga urged the judiciary to stand firm. “Today, I leave behind me a strong Judiciary, a professional and enthusiastic corps of Judges and Judicial Officers as well as staff who are deeply committed to the administration of justice, and an increasingly enlightened public whose confidence in and demand for our services grows by the day.” Said Maraga.

“I urge you all to continue giving them your unwavering support, and to keep praying for them so that justice and the rule of law can continue flourishing in our beloved country. We must continue to invest in a strong, independent, fair, and effective Judiciary bearing in mind that sustained economic prosperity and the long-term political stability of this nation can only be guaranteed if the rule of law reigns.”

“Political stability in this nation can only be guaranteed if the rule of law reigns. Without the rule of law nobody will be safe in this country. Say no to impunity and maintain the rule of law”, Maraga said in his farewell speech.

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