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President John Magufuli

Ambassador Kambula hails Magufuli as a Panafrican who defended African ideals

You are a Pan-African leader who stood in the path of African enemies and you joined the historical effort to reconstruct the image of Africans.

You made it possible for your country to manufacture and produce things locally, you fought corruption, and misuse of public resources and you made many enemies, you understood that Covid-19 pandemic was not a normal virus and you paved way to challenge everyone on its control.

Infrastructure in Tanzania has improved under your leadership, more than 1700 hospitals were built and you defended the weak from the fake and harmful imported goods and services:

Magufuli was your name, nobody will forget you: you loved Africa and you died while serving us to see a bright future.

You understood Moral and Innovative leadership. You understood the Power of spirituality and you nurtured entrepreneurship among your people. You wanted Africa to attain true Independence.

Everyone loves you…..even your enemies in the neighborhood and abroad are mourning your death! Why? It’s because you demonstrated a different style of Leadership only matched by your ancestors who lived in the 300Bc.

It’s only a few of us who understood you because we are connected to the true spirit of the original people who lived far beyond the ordinary eyes of current times.

When you met my President of Uganda, H.E Gen. Museveni, you said, Africa’s future is in integration, peace, unity and cross-border trade: I found it very interesting, and I know, most of your friends at the African Union do not understand the power of economic, political and social integration of Africa;

Your have gone too early our leader: but through the spirit world and having joined Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, Nkurumah, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcomx, Lumumba Patrice, Idi Amin Dada, Karume, Kenyatta Sr. and others, we trust that you shall watch over us while we try to imitate and implement the vision you left with us. But, we are not sure if Africa will survive the new wave and distributions of the future. We are still weak both politically, economically, technologically, socially and also in the area of good governance and security.

Will always Love you Raisi (Your Excellency) Magufuli Pombe John.

May God give you favour and peaceful rest upon your soul and spirit.

Your Son,

Peace Service Amb. Kambula Milton
Author, “Nurturing a Competent African Child”
Pan-African Innovator and Scientist ; Country Director Global Peace Foundation Uganda

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