The Hustlers Rhetoric is a Recipe for Chaos
Brian Oguna Mamba

The Hustlers Rhetoric is a Recipe for Chaos

By Onyango Oguna Mamba

Without undermining the ability of political organizations to influence lives, these days we hear narratives that could make those who died fighting for the freedom of our great nation turn in their graves.

I am particularly dismayed by the misinterpretation of ‘hustler’ to depict a casual labourer, one relentless in expansion and growth, fending by honest means. I think the hustler nation, albeit within the rightful aspiration to form government, may first need to align its defining principles as a sect, to conform to the national values encoded in the laws governing the sovereign state of Kenya.

Mark Logue, a film maker deciphers that “there is a mistaken idea that ‘hustle’ implies achievement, whereas it really means a wrong use of energy and impedes beauty”. In the quest to create a ‘hustler’ nation, hustlers would unite to create but a lawless society.

Effectively, if the the hustlers narrative as is currently being peddled by the Deputy President is likely to swerve the country from its trajectory of order and plunge it into chaos. The narrative has a capacity to stir rebellion among the many unemployed youth who would look at the working class as dynasties and therefore the reason for their poverty.

If left unclarified and abandoned to gain momentum, the conversation around a government by hustlers, would catalyze the desire for gang protection among the youth or among “leaders of tomorrow”.

Consequently, it remains the obligation of leaders who took the oath to defend our constitution as well as discerning patriots of the republic, to exercise their collective will towards ensuring that we don’t witness a class insurrection fueled by the hustlers narrative.

We expect even greater a responsibility from those who seek to form the next government as this kind of talk may sow seeds of discord, discontent and dissatisfaction among citizens.

Hustlers as we know them are never guided by Law but by their ambitions and would therefore be ill equipped to form an inclusive and progressive government that can serve all people.

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