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Ways to Reduce Anxiety

What is Anxiety ?

This is a question that most, if not all of us can describe but not define so easily. Why? Because we experience anxiety in different facets of our life. This can be before an interview for a desired job, meeting new people or maybe out of fear.

Anxiety can be defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

Life is coupled with uncertainties that often get us entangled in our feels and thoughts, sometimes offering limited alternatives out of the myriad of decisions we have to make. And when life happens, we get scared and tend to retract in our formed safety cocoons.

With the novel Corona virus , everything has been altered, and the notion of social distancing is the new order. Despite our desire to go back to our normal way of life, we are being told that it will not be happening any time soon.

That is why a keen interest in ways to keep anxiety at bay is necessary, to avoid stress that can lead to mental disorder. Here are a few ways to cope:

  1. Be Kind to yourself

The only person who can help you well is you. This reminder not only gives us the power to be our own bosses, but also reminds us to try and stay positive and surround ourselves with the same energy.

Remember, you are more than what others think of you, you know yourself better.

2. Meditation and Exercise to manage anxiety

What better way to keep calm than breaking a sweat? Alternatively meditation has become a recommended get away mechanism for the mind and muscles to relax, and nothing could be better than exercising to keep your mind anxiety free.

Find a quiet place and start your meditation. It helps you in relaxing your body from head to toe. Same as breathing technique, practice relaxing for 3 seconds and release quickly.

3.  Talk to someone 

A commonly known phenomenon is ” a problem shared is half solved” and so is a feeling or emotion shared.

Talk to your family or friends whom you trust. Talking to someone regarding our anxiety attacks can help us feel less alone and heard.

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