“You should have Quit by Now” President Uhuru tells William Ruto

“You should have Quit by Now” President Uhuru tells William Ruto

President Uhuru Kenyatta has took a swipe at his Deputy President William Ruto telling him to resign instead of criticising his government from within. Speaking at the Nyayo National Stadium during the 2022 Labour Day celebrations, the president criticised his deputy for apportioning blame on the rising cost of living to him instead of offering solutions as second in command.

“Instead of helping me solve issues, you are out there pointing fingers at me. Where were you when I needed you? That’s why I am grateful to that mzee even if he had his issues, he came to assist me” said the president. The attack came just a day after the two shared a podium at the funeral of Kenya’s 3rd President Mwai Kibaki in Nyeri county.

Uhuru said the current rising cost of living are as a result of the covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war and that said that the Deputy President should stop pointing fingers at him.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto responded to the president’s scathing attack by tweeting, “SORRY my Boss.I FEEL your pain.Those you ASSIGNED my RESPONSIBILITIES & ‘project’ mzee have let you DOWN miserably.They bangled our BIG4,killed our party & wasted your 2ND term.Wao ni bure kabisa.Boss,am AVAILABLE.Just a PHONE call away.Sadly last CABINET was 2yrs ago. Yule No.2”.

Ruto has of late been critical of the Jubilee administration opting to criticize the government from within instead of resigning as is the best practice world over.

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