Kenya Red Cross Unveils Innovation labs in Lamu
Kenya Red Cross Innovation Labs in Lamu County

Kenya Red Cross Unveils Innovation labs in Lamu

The Kenya Red Cross society in partnership with foreign agencies; International Federation of Red Cross ( IFRC ), Qatar Red Cresent and Sudan Red Cresent Society have set up innovation labs in Lamu County.

The Lamu Innovation and Fabrication Labs will serve as a modern innovation workspace and market-space that is equipped with an array of digital fabrication machines that utilize various materials.

The Innovation labs will provide unique environment for creativity and information sharing, creativity, building new knowledge, creating alignment, and developing comprehensive solutions.

A Fab Lab is a technical prototype platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for a local entrepreneurship. A Fab lab will also provide a space for learning and creativity: A place to play, create, learn, mentor and invent.

This innovation aims to empower communities and innovators to enhance local skills and talent to create, build and improve solutions to strengthen resilience and economic empowerment.

The labs provides an exciting opportunity for the youth and local innovators to design, build and test solutions that will address community challenges.

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