Kenya worst hit by Cyber Attacks in Africa.

Kenya worst hit by Cyber Attacks in Africa.

Kenya has reported the worst cyber attacks in Africa for the first seven months since the year began compared to South Africa and Nigeria.

Data from cyber security firm Kaspersky revealed that Kenyan users were prone to malware attacks – around 14 million to 41 million unwanted programs and applications.

This means that the malware attacks in Kenya account for almost 50 per cent of the continent’s – which had a cumulative of 28 million malware attacks in 2020 and 102 million detections of potentially unwanted programs (PUP).

Nigeria recorded 3.8 million malware attacks and 16.8 million PUP detection which is four times as much.

In South Africa, the recorded number stood at 10 million malware attacks and a staggering 43 million potentially unwanted programs detections.

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